Smart maps for travel & tourism

Let your clients take a taste of your tours on interactive and features rich map including videos, routes and more

Charm with both content and form!

Why use a smart map for your tours?

Let your clients explore new exotic places using maps full of pictures and videos. Everyone enjoys armchair travelling.

Stir up imagination

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let your client envision the tour on multimedia map instead of reading tedious descriptions.

Raise the conversion

Let your client experience exotic destinations using photos and videos, resulting in increased amount of sold tours.

Enhance the marketing

Interactive map can be embedded into a page on your website or used as a standalone marketing channel.

It's so simple

Create a map

Create new map in a few minutes. Just choose the map layer and set basic information.

Add the content

Start adding the content. We can also help you (e.g. importing places from XLS)

Embedd the map to your site

You can embedd the map to any site or start promoting the map on default or custom domain.

All tours on a single map

You don’t need to have special map for each tour. The same map can be used with different centring on different sites.

Photos, videos, links

Each place can be enhanced by rich multimedia content 

Like you we're there

Map can serve as a teaser or amazing local guide.

Desktop, tablet or smartphone

Maps are responsive, you can use them at home or on the road.

Ready made for social networking

Map or a particular place can be shared via Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

Our happy clients
Jakub Reichl

Jakub Reichl


For long time we were looking for map system suitable for our purpose. Mapotic is one of most advanced map solutions currently available. I appreciate quick user support and constant development of new features.

Sylva Georgiou

Sylva Georgiou

Managing director

Mapotic team helped us enhancing our tour product pages with amazing interactive maps. We have many further ideas how to use the photos and videos pasted directly into the map.

What Mapotic can do

Unique features

Mapotic: More than just a map! Created for mapy serving diverse purposes. We are constantly improving it and adding new features.

Content Management System

  • Administration of places
  • Categories and Filters
  • Map settings
  • Import / export

Your brand

  • Custom logo
  • Custom URL
  • Logo
  • Icons

Sourced by Crowd

  • Sharing on social networks
  • Feedback
  • Photos from mobile devices
  • Ratings and comments

And many more

  • Custom smartphone apps*
  • Different base maps
  • Connection with FB page
  • Many more

Let us know

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